BartNet IP is a Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) serving the Greater Bartlesville Area in North East Oklahoma. We provide high-speed internet access to businesses and residents not served by broadband services such as cable or DSL. Our primary service area extends along Highway 75 from North at Copan to South at Ramona and along Highway 60 from East at Nowata to West at Okesa.
Our specialty is delivering high bandwidth to remote locations with unlimited data.
To qualify for our fixed wireless service you must have a clear line-of-sight with one of our access points. We have towers scattered around the Green Country area but some areas do not qualify as line-of-sight. Send a Site Survey Request to have a technician come see if our service is available to you. A site survey is a free service and insures that you will receive the best possible service.

What is Fixed Wireless?
Over-the-air transmission of information to and from systems and end-user equipment that are stationary, rather than mobile. Operators of fixed wireless networks potentially can offer broadband services without having to lay expensive cable systems or deal with the complexities of mobility management.



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