Our Installation Procedure

First, before we install…
Using topographical software, we attempt to establish that there is line-of-sight from one of our towers to your location. In some cases, we can determine this over the phone with you.

We generally begin this process with a call or visit to our office, so that we can determine if our service might be available. A site survey form is filled out then given to one of our technicians who will then come to your location to make sure our service would be available.

Second, we come to your home or office…
Once we know that we can more than likely provide service to your location, and you’re ready to use our service, you will need to come to the office to fill out paperwork, so we can schedule a time to come to your home or office for an installation. We will work with you to find the best place to run our cable indoors, and then find the best way to do it.

Once done with that, we will then locate all possible places outside to mount our equipment and then check with you to make sure you’re happy with one of the locations we chose for best line of sight to our tower.

Third, we install our equipment…
Now that we’ve managed to figure out how we’ll proceed, the third step is to actually mount our equipment outdoors and then bring service into your home from the equipment with a single CAT5 (ethernet) cable.

This can take anywhere from an hour or more, depending on the difficulty of the installation, line-of-sight issues due to obstructions, etc., so please ensure that you can set aside a few hours for us to come out and install your service on the day that we schedule with you.

Finally, we configure your router…
The fourth and final step in our installation procedure is to configure your personal router and one wired or wireless device that you need help connecting to our service through your home network.

We will then test the service to make absolutely certain that you have a solid connection and that you are getting exactly what you’re paying for. We will not leave an installation until we are certain your service is what it should be.

Additional Information on Installs
Actual installation consists of attaching the radio (see Radio Equipment below), generally with a small dish, on the outside of the location selected for service, where it can be directed toward our nearest tower location. At times, we may have to spend some extra time determining the best place to put the radio, and that it’s in a good location for the customer as well.

A single ethernet cable (CAT5) is then run from the radio equipment, into your home or office, and down to the location of the router, either through an outer wall, or into the attic and down the inside of a wall to a wall jack. This, in turn, is plugged into our POE power supply for the radio, and then into your router, to provide our service to the rest of the location.

Basic Installation ePMP

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