How Our Service Works

Is your service satellite or cellular, like an air card?

It's neither.
The BartNet IP network is a "fixed wireless" network using a microwave radio platform, developed by Motorola, specifically for Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers. In simple terms, we use a series of towers linked by radio signals to provide service to customers. Each customer has a radio device that sends data to and from a local tower, which then relays that data to and from a fiber interface. The customer's radio itself is small and is sometimes mounted with dish antenna to improve reception.

How is it better than satellite?

For one, there is low latency, meaning communication with the internet is instant. Another benefit is that since we use towers to broadcast our service to you, we remain below the clouds. Ever notice that satellite internet and TV can be troublesome during heavy cloud cover or storms? With our service there are no such issues. Of course, one of the better benefits of having our service vs. satellite is we do not employ such things as a "Fair Use Policy". With satellite providers, if you exceed a set amount of download, they will slow your connection down to unbearable speeds for about 24 hours during what they call a "recovery" period. We do not do this to our customers.

How is it better than an air card?

The cellular service in Green Country can be somewhat spotty at times, and for many locations, nonexistent. Air cards work off the same service that your cell phones use, and depending on your location, low signal strength can mean very slow downloads, or even constant loss of service. We will not install service with you unless we are absolutely certain that it will be fast and stable.

What makes it so reliable?

This is a secure, proven, off the shelf, readily available system developed specifically for ISP use. Many of our customers who have been with us for 15 or more years are still using the equipment we installed on their first day of service, which says a lot about its engineering. Also, because of the proximity of our connections and the design of our network, our service is fast and capable of delivering high bandwidth to your home or office. You may also be happy to know that we monitor our network all the way down to each customer's radio, using state-of-the-art technology, to ensure fantastic quality of service for each of our customers at all times. This allows us to detect and troubleshoot issues more easily, which in turn gives us the ability to offer better customer service to you.